Visiting Chicago


We are happy to see you!

The Chicago Bahá’í Community receives a number of messages each year requesting information about visiting Chicago, the Bahá’í House of Worship, and places where `Abdu’l-Bahá visited in 1912 during His trip to America.

If you plan to visit the area and have specific questions that are not answered here, please email the Chicago Local Spiritual Assembly at

Please note: The House of Worship is actually located in Wilmette, which is a small suburb north of the city of Chicago,.

Frequently Asked Questions

The House of Worship

How can I visit the House of Worship?

The House of Worship is a popular destination for many Bahá’ís traveling from around the world to visit, pray, and meditate. Please visit the website for updated hours of operation and current events. Note that there is public transportation (Purple line, Linden stop at the end of the line) that requires a several block walk, and there are limited dining options near the Temple, as it is located in a residential neighborhood.

Can the local community help provide housing for visitors?

This is not possible to arrange at this time due to the volume of visitors that the Temple receives and the size of the Chicago Bahá’í community. If you wish to attend an event in Chicago while visiting, please email the Secretariat or look at the calendar on this site.

Can I visit the house of worship if i am not a Bahá’í?

All are welcome! More than 250,000 people visit each year from a wide variety of backgrounds.
“…the original purpose of temples and houses of worship is simply that of unity—places of meeting where various peoples, different races and souls of every capacity may come together in order that love and agreement should be manifest between them . . . that all religions, races and sects may come together within its universal shelter.”

Travel to Chicago

I am a member of the Bahá’í community who is planning to come to Chicago for a visit (short or long-term). How do I participate in local activities?

Please contact the Local Spiritual Assembly in advance of your visit by emailing, including the dates of your visit and the part of the city you will be staying so they can connect you to local believers. The city is quite large geographically.

Is there a Bahá’í Center in Chicago?

Not at this time. Most activities are held in the homes of local believers or in public spaces.

History & Places to Visit

Where are the locations that `Abdu’l-Bahá visited during His stay in Chicago?

He visited many locations during his time here in 1912. Some buildings no longer stand. If you are interested in visiting these locations, please check out this Google Map that an individual believer, Candace Moore Hill, created for reference.

Where is the gravesite of Hand of the Cause of God Corinne True?

Corinne True, also known as the Mother of the Temple, is buried in Oak Woods Cemetery on the south side of Chicago. Most of her family are also buried nearby. There is a Google Sheet with more details on each individual person. The FindaGrave site has a photo of the monument to allow you to find the location, and this map will help you upon arrival at the cemetery.

Where is the gravesite of Hand of the Cause Zikrullah Khadem?

Zikrullah Khadem is buried at Memorial Park Cemetery in Skokie, closer to the Temple. His FindaGrave page has photos of the location, and you can refer to this cemetery map to guide you once at the location.

What other early Bahá’í believers were buried in the Chicago area?

There is a wonderful list of early believers…you may have to do some searching and planning, as Chicago is a large city and there are many cemeteries. These lists are all the work of an individual believer and may be subject to change and error.
Here is a list of Bahá’ís buried at Memorial Park Cemetery in Skokie.
Here is a list of Bahá’ís buried at Rosehill Cemetery in Chicago
Here is a list of Bahá’ís buried in Illinois cemeteries…you can sort by cemetery and see if you can find anyone else.